Someone  said the other day ” Soon To Be Christmas” ! Oh, Lord!!!!! So true, So true!

Well the dark has also arrived to the island, but we still have the high temperatures! Thank God!!!

Autumn still needs autumn music. We recommend Feist!  Candles, Red Wine, Creativity!!! I Welcome You

❤  ❤  ❤



” Hey, I´m In The Band” is a awesome track from the Swedish band called The Hellacopters.

But this is not about that. It is about a book called ” I´m With The Band – Confessions Of A Groupie” by the most famous groupie ever – Pamela Des Barres.

I am not a fan of groupies really, but this goes back in the days when the whole music industry was different. The way the book is written makes it really hard to put it down. It´s funny, interesting and easy.  Took me about 4 days to finish it, but I am actually going to read it again. Just because I can.

Highly recommended!



The name of the coolest underground place on the whole Gran Canaria is most deffo Adrenaline !!!

 I have never met a tourist there ( except from the ones I have brought there) and living down here, that’s actually a good thing sometimes.

Everything about the place is so chill. Don´t even try to order a fancy umbrella drink, that ain´t happening in this place. It´s like you are in an underground New York bar, where everybody is just chilling  and listening to quality music, getting to know new people and so on. 

Check out their page and try one of the concerts they arrange. I have been pleasantly surprised many times, discovering new bands here.

But hey…dont let them know we told you….it´s a underground place you know.




Positive Energy

Positive energy is the  meaning of the Polynesian word: Maná which also is the name of a Mexican rockband,  that played at the stadioum in Las Palmas in September.

It was AMAZING!!!! The sound! The Lights! The crowd! The band! We really,really enjoyd the whole night! The small little details that really made it a + consert was that to get a beer or go to the toalett tok 5 minutts!!!!! Even tough it must have been 25 000 people….kudos to the organizers!

Are you on the Island and need to PIMP up your lights ? Klikk her !