Moving abroade is AMAZING! Either if your sick of the weather,need some change or just want to meet some new people and get some new experience. In these financial crises and unemployment times be aware tough. In Spain and Gran Canaria there is now a lot f new rules to be aware of.

Not only a few new rules, but there has been a lot of changes. Here you do need what that call a “residensia”, and apparently it is a bit trickier to get it now. It is all very understandable tough.

It is worth it !!!!  Just do your reasearch before moving!!!


The Battle

Cant really say the battle without thinking of the band The Battles, GREEEAT MUSIC!!!

However this is a competition down here on the Island. The last battle is this weekend, Saturday 28.July.

And The GRAND Final is Thursday 2.August !!! Great way to hear new music! The BIG prize is 1000 € , so you can imagine that all the bands are sort of playing for their lives and that will probaly bring  a lot of sweat and tears ;D


Saturday Fever In Las Palmas

OK, so it´s still just Thursday , but thank god the weekend is getting closer.

Doesn´t really make any difference, since that means WORK TIME !!! But , anyhow….it is all about the felling you get really 😉 Weekend I do LOVE you !!!

If you are on GranCan and have no plans for Saturday, do follow my advice!

From 17.30 ( ish) every Saturday in Las Palmas on The Las Canteras Beach (playa no puta 😉 ) there is a place called LA GUARIDA with LIVE MUSIC. Different band every time. Excellent place !!!

 After that gig is finished  they all go off along the ocean to another place called NYC (after the New York Taxi )  where another gig is played right in the middle of the street. Crazy, Weird but definitely KICK ASS COOL !!! And what surprised me the most…when you think it´s all over and the party is finished…they then start walking again to the “final destination ” a place called Alfredo the Kreus, for the last gig of the evening.


Different music, loads of people and a whole lot of fun !! Please do try it. it is absolutely a blast 🙂

Vinyl For Ever

Vinyl is at the end of the day, the best way of listening to music. Dont you think?

The best feeling ever, is to come home on a friday afternoon, pop a cold on and slap an old record on the vinyl player. unfortunately for us on the Island, it is not easy to get the hold of either a decent record player never the less the actual vinyl.


Check out this compact player, from the designer Kőrös Benedek. OMG! It´s pretty amazing how technology is moving forward. We do really love the old style tough, but this is HOT!!

Check out more fancy design on THE YANKO DESIGN PAGE.

But I do WARN you….you might be ending up really wanting stuff you didn´t know existed or even ever needed ;D


YeaY, yet another heat wave here on GranCan! It´s expected to get to 40ºc degrees today !!!!!!!

But our ❤ and hopes goes out to Tenerife , La Gomera and La Palma who are all struggling with fires at the moment…scary stuff….

Keep Safe – Keep Cool And drink ALOT !!!! No…. not beer or spirits 😉

The doctor’s down here actually recommend Aquarius , because when you sweat you loose a lot of the important minerals!!!

Sunny tunes from : Passion Pit , with the first listen from they NEW album ‘Gossamer’  REALLY, REALLY GREAT BAND !!!!!

Sunny Sound

The biggest problem on this Island, at least for us is  to discover NEW music!  You will have to read ALOT  of  musicmagazines, blogs etc. to have a small idea on what is going on in the rest of the world.

HEY !!!!! WE DO LOVE THAT !!!!

But in al the nightclubs, bars, cafes..unless you go and see a  LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE , it´s the same everywhere. OK, it is a pretty small Island, but there is something called internet and you are allowed to go a little bit against the mainstream.

Yeas, even you who call yourself a DJ down here.

It is FRIDAY and we should probably post The Cure with the song ” It´s Friday And I am In Love ” , but that is to obvious.

You have probably never heard this one, but while you are making a decision on what bikini you are going to wear for tomorrows WATER PARADE, have a listen and a cold drink in the sun 😀