In Need Of More Hours

I often hear that people say that they are bored. Bored! BORED?

How is that possible? We rarely find time for anything. The days are filled with work, housework, dog, friends, family, projects, hobbys..and on and on and on….That´s life ey? Tired tough, now that is something very different.

Very often, maybe too often I find myself stuck in PINTEREST , there is so much inspiration and stuff to see. You basically just get stuck and you want everything you see !

Anyways…the best feeling is when you actually DO make something . Something Funny, creative, pretty!  Something you can wear, that no one else have. Or something pretty to make your home cozy!

At the moment I am planing to do this…when I find the right t-shirt of course…and have time…and energy and if  there is nothing on telly I really HAVE to watch.



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