Sunny Sound

The biggest problem on this Island, at least for us is  to discover NEW music!  You will have to read ALOT  of  musicmagazines, blogs etc. to have a small idea on what is going on in the rest of the world.

HEY !!!!! WE DO LOVE THAT !!!!

But in al the nightclubs, bars, cafes..unless you go and see a  LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCE , it´s the same everywhere. OK, it is a pretty small Island, but there is something called internet and you are allowed to go a little bit against the mainstream.

Yeas, even you who call yourself a DJ down here.

It is FRIDAY and we should probably post The Cure with the song ” It´s Friday And I am In Love ” , but that is to obvious.

You have probably never heard this one, but while you are making a decision on what bikini you are going to wear for tomorrows WATER PARADE, have a listen and a cold drink in the sun 😀


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