Saturday Fever In Las Palmas

OK, so it´s still just Thursday , but thank god the weekend is getting closer.

Doesn´t really make any difference, since that means WORK TIME !!! But , anyhow….it is all about the felling you get really 😉 Weekend I do LOVE you !!!

If you are on GranCan and have no plans for Saturday, do follow my advice!

From 17.30 ( ish) every Saturday in Las Palmas on The Las Canteras Beach (playa no puta 😉 ) there is a place called LA GUARIDA with LIVE MUSIC. Different band every time. Excellent place !!!

 After that gig is finished  they all go off along the ocean to another place called NYC (after the New York Taxi )  where another gig is played right in the middle of the street. Crazy, Weird but definitely KICK ASS COOL !!! And what surprised me the most…when you think it´s all over and the party is finished…they then start walking again to the “final destination ” a place called Alfredo the Kreus, for the last gig of the evening.


Different music, loads of people and a whole lot of fun !! Please do try it. it is absolutely a blast 🙂


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