The Canary Islands Around In A Flash


I think we will go on holiday ūüėČ


Ricky Gervais, HOT As The Heatwave

A few days ago all the media down on Gran Canaria¬†was writing about the joy¬†of the heatwave ending… we got ANOTHER one!!!

This is just the 7 th one this year, no stress ! By all means, we all¬†CHOOSE to live here and it is an Island with one of the best clima, but heatwaves/calimas/siroccos …yeah they¬†get a bit too HOT for most people. Even for those who are born here.

‚̧ A I R C O N D I T I O N ‚̧

Whatever you are doing today and however you are feeling you need to watch this video!!! It is hilarious !!

¬†It will definitely¬†put you in a better mood and probably make you forget about the heat for about 18 minutes ūüėČ


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Soon To Be Christmas

My Oh My, only 4 MONTHS to Christmas !!!!

Every year Christmas comes like a big surprise and always end up  like a marathon the week before.

The WhatToGet and the HowToWrapIt. Same STRESS every year, where is the JOY?

But this year ( hopefully ) we are going to be clever about it.

When you live on an Island, you can’t always get what you want¬†ūüėČ Gran Canaria¬†definitely have a lot of shops, but you know, when your ¬†head is set on something….you just have to get it !!!!

Thanks to THE WORLD WIDE WEB we are feeling a gadget year coming up!!!

This GADGET¬†page has a lot¬†of funny gifts but also the things you didn’t¬†know you needed or you didn’t even knew existed !!

How about a Aquacase for Phone and iPad ?

Or a Hot Shot Sheriff BBQ Set ?

Or even a Star Wars Death Star Planetarium ?????

Whatever crazy stuff you choose to get and from whatever page you order from, just remember to do it in time ūüėČ

Whats your Christmas Gift Tip for this year ?


It all started about 15 (ish) years ago. A small house next to the beach, live music, sunset and loads of people EVERY SUNDAY!

And now it is all about to end…..

It is such a shame that big-shoots can come in with their big-shoot money. Buy the land and and build yet another big-shoot hotel… makes us sad….

Gran Canaria isn¬īt a big Island and this is one¬†of a few places that is really AUTHENTIC, REAL AND COOL!

Chill on the beach, grab a rock and a beer, watch the sunset all with live music from the terrace.

Bob Gorman has been the main act down there since the beginning, and many guest acts there has been.

Beer and tapas has been flowing and there has been dancing until the dark has set.

And now the party is about to be over…


They still haven’t closed down, so if you are on Gran Canaria do visit


It is absolutely LOOOVELY ūüėÄ