Down in the south of Gran Canaria it is almost impossible to do any shopping, of any kind.

That I might add can be a good thing, as you wont end up going on a shopping spree 😉

Anyhow, a bit up north close to Las Palmas, there is so many shopping centers with really nice stuff , it sort of makes you go crazy and a bit confused actually.

Just a year ago we where lucky enough to get the big PRIMARK to the Island !!!

OMG and a big WOOP !!!!!

It is affordable, fashionable and the selection is amazing! They have everything there, so be prepared to spend both some time and money 😉

On G.C you will find it in the shopping centre Las Arenas, not far from Las Palmas.

Take the bus or rent a car. You most definitely just HAVE to go there.

Check them out on Facebook –> PRIMARK GRAN CANARIA

BTW: there is alot of bars /restaurants there as well to leave your husband/boyfriend 😉

On my current wishlist:


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