Skate Or Die?

For the first time there will be held a skate competition on 4 of the Canarian Islands. To read about it and enter, check the link below :

VANS SKATE SERIES 2013 presented by MONSTER. 

500 EURO CASH PRICE !!!! Wonder if  I should buy a skateboard and enter myself ….. 😉

The dates and places for the event on the different islands :
06/07/2013 in Los Realejos SkatePark, a town in the north of the island of Tenerife.
20/07/2013 at the SkatePark of Corralejo, in the municipality of La Oliva, Fuerteventura.
27/07/2013 in City SkatePark Arrecife de Lanzarote
03/08/2013 at the legendary Skatepark of El Refugio in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Ok,not that we are going to enter or that we even skate , but it is pretty cool that something is happening! And we are definitely going to check it out and hopefully take some cool pictures !!!!


Midsummer Festival Up In The Mountains

Very often people come down to the south of Gran Canaria and they are so disappointed that it´s so dry and more like a desert. Once a year when it might rain, people are then disappointed that it´s actually raining. NEWSFLASH : Sometimes, not very often  yet sometimes it does actually rain in the south. It happens around november or/and january/february. In other words not very often, so no wonder it is dry in the south ey ? 😉 However if you drive up to the mountains (north where it is raining more ) it IS actually GREEN and beautiful !!!! True story !!!!

In just 1 week it is Midsummer and up in the mountains of Fataga in a place called

FINCO MOLINO DE AQUA there will be a Midsummer Music Festival !


49€ per person including welcome drink , Tapas Buffet ( cold & hot ) and Bus transfer from Arguineguin and Playa del Ingles
Arguineguin , Ancora Center at 13:00
Playa del Ingles , Kölsches Eck at 13:30
9 hours music with :
Tom Jones ( Tribute )
Triology ( Hippy Time )
Big Papa T ( Country )
Purple Haze ( Rock )
Bob Gorman Blues Band
Elvis ( Tribute )
Lady Gaga ( Tribute )
Eric ( a touch of dutch )

Advance Booking Strongly Advised Limited Tickets!!!!!!!!!!
Tel. : 696 59 44 82 Manu & Bob
Tel. : 626 802 705 Michaela Molina de Agua

So why not combine music and a beautiful view ?


No it´s not another dance DJ or a onehit dance act…

but ERIC BURDON !!!!! Yeas, the guy from The Animals !!!

18. July he is playing at AUDITORIO ALFREDO KRAUS in Las Palmas

I can not wait !! So exited !!! I didn´t even know he just released a new album this year…it is called ” Til Your River Runs Dry ” a proper blues-rocker with a classic Sixties feel !!!

A legend ! A true legend you shouldn´t miss out on !! I am definitely not 😉

Check out this song from his new album :

Wohoo, Cant wait !!!

Say what? You never heard about the band ARCADE FIRE ? Are you kidding ?

Oh well, then we recommend that you have a listen to it now 🙂

This Canada based band ( yeas , Canada has more than just bears ) started in 2001.  We saw them during their Neon Bible Tour in 2007 that was sooooo amazing!!!  They are about 8 people in the band ,but brought with them and orchestra with about 10 ish people. Can you imaging the sound and the buzzing feeling?

Now the good news is , they are back in studio !!! And if everything goes after the plan , they will hopefully go on tour next year !!!

NOW THIS IS BEACH MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool Projects

Wherever you are, whoever you are , rich, poor, student, family…onANDonAndon….

Most of us anyways, like to have it nice in our home. Right ?

We were hired recently to do the coolest job ever.  Decorating a house on the Island for a family coming down to live. Might sound easy peasy, but hey this is an ISLAND !!! And yeas that can actually make the job and the budget a bit difficult !!

We have only done interior for bars and nightclubs before, so making this a calm family house was a fun challenge. Very minimalistic, but its all about the DETAILS ! And the best part is that it doesn´t have to cost so much either, DYI 😀

Her you can see some of the work that we did! TaTTaaaaaaaa !!!!!









Where Are Thee ?

Soooo…must say it has been awhile since the last blogg  !!!  Sort of an understatment really..but hey! WE ARE BACK!!! 🙂

The life on the Island goes on and so does the rest of the world by the look of it.

Is it all good around the world ? Far from really.

We have crisis all over the world and as usual it all comes down to politics. Seems like the main worrie for the common people  is work , or rather the lack of work.

Saw this serie from the british tv Channel 4 the other day called Skint .

Hoooooly **** !!!    Made us both sad, worried, mad and very upset.

This is a world-wide problem. Some of this people obviously doesn´t want to work. But some people really wants a better life for themself and their family’s.

So how can it be solved? So many company and businesses are having to cut down their costs and with that people end up without a job.  If people don’t have jobs, they don’t have money an if they don’t have money ….well then they can’t spend any money on new stuff or holidays or etc.  Makes sense really !

So what can we say to young people who are about to decide on what they want to be when they grow up? Wich jobs can guaranty them a job? Or should we just send them all of to the army?

Be Creative – Stay Strong and DO Belive in yourself !