I Scream For Ice cream

A couple of days ago we went walking around in the little fish village Arguineguin, based in the south of the Island. As many times before we went up towards the Ancora center. But this time we realized that we actually had never tried the “new” ice cream cafe/bar. ( it has actually been there 1 year now, I think :/ )

Anyways. OMG ! This is definitely a MUST !!!

They have lovely Italian-style  ice cream, milkshakes, frappés, proper coffee etc. AND crépes that they make in front of you filled with lovely fresh strawberries and bananas, served with cream or ice cream of you own liking….mhmmmmmm……

You will find it on the left side of the center and the name is LOS ALISIOS.

We are so going back to this place and with this heatwave we are having now, maybe more then once a day 😉

The are open from Tuesday till Sunday from 2:00 – 22:00



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