The Heat And The Food

It is so hot in the south of Gran Canaria now, that you could probably fry an egg on the pavement!!!

Seriously !!!!

35-38 degrees in the shadow, is waaaay too much.  We are really trying to get both enough fluid and food in the system at the moment. Hungry all the time, just can’t eat enough to stop this dizziness, headache etc go away. Oh, the joy of living on the island with “the best clima in the world ” .

I highly recommend potato chips and dip , salty ham, cheese with flavour and in general SPANISH TAPAS . No wonder that is the national “dish”. It is perfect in this heat.


If you are in the south of the island tomorrow , SATURDAY 24th AUGUST  , there is a SPANISH BARBECUE up in the mountain of Cercados De Espino. From 18 -24 o´clock !!

For only 25 EURO you get as much food, sangeria and live music you can stand 😉  😉  😉

You want to join us ?  Call – 634095073 to book your ticket NOW !!!!


Yeas, You Can Shop On Gran Canaria

I guess the summer holiday is over now as the schools are “back in business “. August is still the warmest month down here in Gran Canaria and soon the island will be filled with tourists trying to escape the harsh , brutal KING WINTER.

Thank god for a stable climate !!!

We don´t get snow down here..uh that´s not true…that has actually happened up in the mountains…ughh…NOT OFTEN TOUGH 😉

But if you live down here you do actually need a bit warmer clothes down here in the winter season.

The south of the island is the warmest all year around, but when it comes to shops in general it is definitely better to go up north.

in the south you dont get the selection , the fashion , the scoops! And even tough it is rather cheap, it is cheaper up north.

So many shops, not enough money 😉

ZARA , STRADIVARIUS , PRIMARK , just to mention some. And now with the fall arriving quicker than the summer usual do, we all need t renew our wardrobe. That goes for BOTH men and women 😉


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P.S : This is only a selection. There are in fact loads of shops up north 😉

Follow You Heart

I was recently in a wedding, it was soooo nice! They had done it in their own style and fitted the couple perfectly! A bit of tradition with their own twist. Nowadays that is what it should all be about. Or?

There are many couples that comes down to get married on the Canary Islands. All year around. And of course , why not? The weather is nice, it is somewhat cheaper and so on and so on.

However, they all seem to look the same…

Sort of ish´ the same “beach wedding dress” or the big classic cream cake ones. Same reception place all of course decorated in white , same music, same,same, same!!!

If you where to marry the love of your life, would you not like it to be a bit special?? To sort of reflect the love and the persons you are?

I mean it is supposed to be only once ???

I know people expect it to be like this and this. “Oh, you should” , “Oh, you need to ” ….

In the end of the day, it is your BIG day. Do what you WANT. Not what you feel you have to.

It is a celebration of two peoples L O V E ❤

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Have A Good Travel

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish Airline headquartered in Barcelona. It was actually established in 2004, but its just recently gotten known, probably because at the moment it is the second largest airline in Spain.

It is sort of like Ryan Air , just a bit more customer friendly.  It is one of the cheapest. Well at least if you are going to /  living on a island 😉

Their planes seems to be weirdly small and there is no fancy entertainment or menu. But who cares. As long as you can save a fortune and don´t have the extra stress, some airlines add to your travel.

Most of their flights have to do a changeover in Barcelona. Do make sure you don’t have to wait for hours. We did not do that ….. and ended up waiting in Barcelona for 6 hours !!!!!!

Thank god that airport has a “garden” where you can relax in the sun. A charger station for your mobile, music player, gamer and loads of celebrity’s passing trough everyday.

Psssst…. we saw U-21 F.C Barcelona 😀

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