Have A Good Travel

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish Airline headquartered in Barcelona. It was actually established in 2004, but its just recently gotten known, probably because at the moment it is the second largest airline in Spain.

It is sort of like Ryan Air , just a bit more customer friendly.  It is one of the cheapest. Well at least if you are going to /  living on a island 😉

Their planes seems to be weirdly small and there is no fancy entertainment or menu. But who cares. As long as you can save a fortune and don´t have the extra stress, some airlines add to your travel.

Most of their flights have to do a changeover in Barcelona. Do make sure you don’t have to wait for hours. We did not do that ….. and ended up waiting in Barcelona for 6 hours !!!!!!

Thank god that airport has a “garden” where you can relax in the sun. A charger station for your mobile, music player, gamer and loads of celebrity’s passing trough everyday.

Psssst…. we saw U-21 F.C Barcelona 😀

2013-08-08 06.58.47_20130817111257600 2013-08-08 05.39.50_20130817111355997 2013-08-08 07.43.16_20130817111506950


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