The Heat And The Food

It is so hot in the south of Gran Canaria now, that you could probably fry an egg on the pavement!!!

Seriously !!!!

35-38 degrees in the shadow, is waaaay too much.  We are really trying to get both enough fluid and food in the system at the moment. Hungry all the time, just can’t eat enough to stop this dizziness, headache etc go away. Oh, the joy of living on the island with “the best clima in the world ” .

I highly recommend potato chips and dip , salty ham, cheese with flavour and in general SPANISH TAPAS . No wonder that is the national “dish”. It is perfect in this heat.


If you are in the south of the island tomorrow , SATURDAY 24th AUGUST  , there is a SPANISH BARBECUE up in the mountain of Cercados De Espino. From 18 -24 o´clock !!

For only 25 EURO you get as much food, sangeria and live music you can stand 😉  😉  😉

You want to join us ?  Call – 634095073 to book your ticket NOW !!!!


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