It’s funny really. It doesn’t matter where you live, there are always some people that will complain that nothing happens. That all the days are the same. And they wished that they lived somewhere exiting.
I have been there and I guess still am. More so now I think, well I have actually gone from being in the city to living on an Island…
Oh, that made sense didn’t it.. oh well.

But on the bright side, every time something exiting DOES happen, I get to experience the feeling of  REAL JOY !
My heart starts pumping. I feel like a kid on christmas eve. Now that IS pure joy!!!

This time it is a visit from Amerika that is making me exited!! The instrumental postrock band from Massachusetts , CASPIAN , is having a concert on FRIDAY 13.JUNE  in Las Palmas , PAPER CLUB !!!

Wow,WoW,Wow !!!!

If you haven’t heard of them ,  check ’em out ! If you are on the Island that day, check ’em out !

It is sooooo worth it!

To get your tickets , PUSH THIS LINK !


La Carpa de la Cultura de Arguineguín

WoW !!! Some culture in the south !!!

La Carpa de la Cultura de Arguineguín , is organized by the Department of Youth, Culture and Celebrations of the City of Mogan in collaboration with the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and Performing Arts Circuit Gran Canaria, and they aim  to bring leisure and alternative culture to citizens.

This project is part of the Neighbourhood Programme 2014 tour to the various towns of the municipality during the year .


Art ! Music ! Theatre !


We will  be there, will you ?



Finally Weekend

Where to start? Where to go? What to doooo?

Finally it is FRIDAY !! Time to relax ? Oh no, there is no time to chill this weekend.

This seems to be the weekend everything happens and thank god the calima is ending on Saturday !!!

Fiestas Del Carmen starts in Arguineguin tonight FRIDAY at 21:30 with gala queen election and late night party.  Saturday 13th July at 18:00 in the church square, it is the celebration of  Romeria. Get dressed in the lovely traditional Canarian dress and the celebration continues later on at 23.30h in the market square. You will be abel to buy drinks and food, so bring some cash 🙂

In Las Palmas the The Jazz FestivalFestival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Más Heineken kicks of at The Paper Club Hall at 21:00, with a “Africa Night”.

On Saturday it is again time for La Ruta on the Play Las Canteras, starting at 5:30 in La Guarida Del Blues and if you are a blues fan you shouldn’t miss out on this one. LITTLE MIKE is coming all the way from New York  and is playing with the canarian  TROY NAHUMKO & SBC Band !

Remember ; the sun and the beach is here everyday, go out and enjoy something different 😉

And All That JAZZ

The Jazz FestivalFestival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Más Heineken  kicks off

Friday 12th July until 24th July.

Loads of artists, loads of fun !!!

The festival which started in 1992, has musicians and groups most representative of jazz from all the different eras and countries playing the most diverse jazz styles. Meaning that you don’t have to be a jazz-fanatic or anything.  However, here you have the chance to see proper good musicians preforming proper good music !!!

It all happens in beautiful Las Palmas in different venues, some concerts are free and some you will have to hurry up and get a ticket for.

Follow THIS link , for tickets and more information !

And pleeeeeeeease…. NO jazz-hands 😉


Midsummer Festival Up In The Mountains

Very often people come down to the south of Gran Canaria and they are so disappointed that it´s so dry and more like a desert. Once a year when it might rain, people are then disappointed that it´s actually raining. NEWSFLASH : Sometimes, not very often  yet sometimes it does actually rain in the south. It happens around november or/and january/february. In other words not very often, so no wonder it is dry in the south ey ? 😉 However if you drive up to the mountains (north where it is raining more ) it IS actually GREEN and beautiful !!!! True story !!!!

In just 1 week it is Midsummer and up in the mountains of Fataga in a place called

FINCO MOLINO DE AQUA there will be a Midsummer Music Festival !


49€ per person including welcome drink , Tapas Buffet ( cold & hot ) and Bus transfer from Arguineguin and Playa del Ingles
Arguineguin , Ancora Center at 13:00
Playa del Ingles , Kölsches Eck at 13:30
9 hours music with :
Tom Jones ( Tribute )
Triology ( Hippy Time )
Big Papa T ( Country )
Purple Haze ( Rock )
Bob Gorman Blues Band
Elvis ( Tribute )
Lady Gaga ( Tribute )
Eric ( a touch of dutch )

Advance Booking Strongly Advised Limited Tickets!!!!!!!!!!
Tel. : 696 59 44 82 Manu & Bob
Tel. : 626 802 705 Michaela Molina de Agua

So why not combine music and a beautiful view ?


No it´s not another dance DJ or a onehit dance act…

but ERIC BURDON !!!!! Yeas, the guy from The Animals !!!

18. July he is playing at AUDITORIO ALFREDO KRAUS in Las Palmas

I can not wait !! So exited !!! I didn´t even know he just released a new album this year…it is called ” Til Your River Runs Dry ” a proper blues-rocker with a classic Sixties feel !!!

A legend ! A true legend you shouldn´t miss out on !! I am definitely not 😉

Check out this song from his new album :

Wohoo, Cant wait !!!

Say what? You never heard about the band ARCADE FIRE ? Are you kidding ?

Oh well, then we recommend that you have a listen to it now 🙂

This Canada based band ( yeas , Canada has more than just bears ) started in 2001.  We saw them during their Neon Bible Tour in 2007 that was sooooo amazing!!!  They are about 8 people in the band ,but brought with them and orchestra with about 10 ish people. Can you imaging the sound and the buzzing feeling?

Now the good news is , they are back in studio !!! And if everything goes after the plan , they will hopefully go on tour next year !!!

NOW THIS IS BEACH MUSIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!