DIY Beach Time

It is hammertime !! Oh , no I mean SUMMERTIME !!!!
Here on the Canary Islands we are lucky to have many beach days a year, however when you live here you kind of get a tad spoilt.

Came over this cheap, easy yet very practical tips for a lovely day in the sun!! Why didn´t I think of this??

What is your best “holiday!diy tip??????



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Follow You Heart

I was recently in a wedding, it was soooo nice! They had done it in their own style and fitted the couple perfectly! A bit of tradition with their own twist. Nowadays that is what it should all be about. Or?

There are many couples that comes down to get married on the Canary Islands. All year around. And of course , why not? The weather is nice, it is somewhat cheaper and so on and so on.

However, they all seem to look the same…

Sort of ish´ the same “beach wedding dress” or the big classic cream cake ones. Same reception place all of course decorated in white , same music, same,same, same!!!

If you where to marry the love of your life, would you not like it to be a bit special?? To sort of reflect the love and the persons you are?

I mean it is supposed to be only once ???

I know people expect it to be like this and this. “Oh, you should” , “Oh, you need to ” ….

In the end of the day, it is your BIG day. Do what you WANT. Not what you feel you have to.

It is a celebration of two peoples L O V E ❤

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Cool Projects

Wherever you are, whoever you are , rich, poor, student, family…onANDonAndon….

Most of us anyways, like to have it nice in our home. Right ?

We were hired recently to do the coolest job ever.  Decorating a house on the Island for a family coming down to live. Might sound easy peasy, but hey this is an ISLAND !!! And yeas that can actually make the job and the budget a bit difficult !!

We have only done interior for bars and nightclubs before, so making this a calm family house was a fun challenge. Very minimalistic, but its all about the DETAILS ! And the best part is that it doesn´t have to cost so much either, DYI 😀

Her you can see some of the work that we did! TaTTaaaaaaaa !!!!!










Yeah it’s hot again!!! And we all know that with this hot dry air, the skin will also get hot and DRY! Found this HOMEMADE scrub recipe and…it actually WORKS!!! Hurray ! 1 1/2 cups of sugar 1/2 cup oil 1 lemon


Just blend it togheter with a spoon in a jar. Easy peasy! Scrub your body with or without a hamp, shave your legs or whatever else need shaving. Rinse and scrub again. It’s aaaamazing ! And best of all its cheap! 😉