Soon To Be Christmas

My Oh My, only 4 MONTHS to Christmas !!!!

Every year Christmas comes like a big surprise and always end up  like a marathon the week before.

The WhatToGet and the HowToWrapIt. Same STRESS every year, where is the JOY?

But this year ( hopefully ) we are going to be clever about it.

When you live on an Island, you can’t always get what you want 😉 Gran Canaria definitely have a lot of shops, but you know, when your  head is set on something….you just have to get it !!!!

Thanks to THE WORLD WIDE WEB we are feeling a gadget year coming up!!!

This GADGET page has a lot of funny gifts but also the things you didn’t know you needed or you didn’t even knew existed !!

How about a Aquacase for Phone and iPad ?

Or a Hot Shot Sheriff BBQ Set ?

Or even a Star Wars Death Star Planetarium ?????

Whatever crazy stuff you choose to get and from whatever page you order from, just remember to do it in time 😉

Whats your Christmas Gift Tip for this year ?



We love Cameras, we love Instagram, we love Polaroids pictures..but all in one ??

It all started as an idea from the design company ADR STUDIO, but it resulted in such high demand, that they went and  found a production partner and expect to produce the first prototype end of this year, with an official product launch to follow mid 2013.

– 16 GB mass storage
– Wifi and Bluetooth
– 4:3 touchscreen
– 2 main lens, first for main capture, second for 3D filters, webcam applications and QR Code capturing
– Optical zoom
– Led Flash
– Internal printer to make your Instagram photos real
– Paper cartridge with Instagram Paper Sheets
– Dedicated 4 colors ink tanks
– InstaOs 1.0, which put together Facebook and Instagram App feature

What you think? You want it?


Vinyl For Ever

Vinyl is at the end of the day, the best way of listening to music. Dont you think?

The best feeling ever, is to come home on a friday afternoon, pop a cold on and slap an old record on the vinyl player. unfortunately for us on the Island, it is not easy to get the hold of either a decent record player never the less the actual vinyl.


Check out this compact player, from the designer Kőrös Benedek. OMG! It´s pretty amazing how technology is moving forward. We do really love the old style tough, but this is HOT!!

Check out more fancy design on THE YANKO DESIGN PAGE.

But I do WARN you….you might be ending up really wanting stuff you didn´t know existed or even ever needed ;D