It’s funny really. It doesn’t matter where you live, there are always some people that will complain that nothing happens. That all the days are the same. And they wished that they lived somewhere exiting.
I have been there and I guess still am. More so now I think, well I have actually gone from being in the city to living on an Island…
Oh, that made sense didn’t it.. oh well.

But on the bright side, every time something exiting DOES happen, I get to experience the feeling of  REAL JOY !
My heart starts pumping. I feel like a kid on christmas eve. Now that IS pure joy!!!

This time it is a visit from Amerika that is making me exited!! The instrumental postrock band from Massachusetts , CASPIAN , is having a concert on FRIDAY 13.JUNE  in Las Palmas , PAPER CLUB !!!

Wow,WoW,Wow !!!!

If you haven’t heard of them ,  check ’em out ! If you are on the Island that day, check ’em out !

It is sooooo worth it!

To get your tickets , PUSH THIS LINK !


DIY Beach Time

It is hammertime !! Oh , no I mean SUMMERTIME !!!!
Here on the Canary Islands we are lucky to have many beach days a year, however when you live here you kind of get a tad spoilt.

Came over this cheap, easy yet very practical tips for a lovely day in the sun!! Why didn´t I think of this??

What is your best “holiday!diy tip??????



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Aye Aye Captain !!!

Mondays are usually the worst day of week, for me anyways. But if you are in the south on Gran Canaria it really doesn´t have to be.

EVERY MONDAY , there is now a music cruise. The Bob Gorman Music Cruise !!!

Live music! Real bands! Yeas, G.C have proper musicians, not only karaoke entertainers.

The boat, is the beautiful TIMANFAYA . A proper piratship!


Monday is finally a day you can start liking 😉 How about that !

There are a lot of different boat trips on the island, but this is one of a kind.


Live music with 3 bands, sometimes you might get a surprise aswell. A massive buffet, with all sorts of food and  there is a bar onboard. The stunning view is just amazing. And the lovely sunset changes every time.


  • The boat goes from Puerto Rico at 2.30, so be on time.
  • Cash is still king and therefore you can not use a card.
  • Untill the summer bring a sweater , the wind can be a bit cold of on the sea.
  • The boat does stop for 30 min and you are allowed to go for a swim.
  • There is a bar onboard , therefore it is not allowed to bring your own drinks
  • The most important thing : ENJOY  !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Heat And The Food

It is so hot in the south of Gran Canaria now, that you could probably fry an egg on the pavement!!!

Seriously !!!!

35-38 degrees in the shadow, is waaaay too much.  We are really trying to get both enough fluid and food in the system at the moment. Hungry all the time, just can’t eat enough to stop this dizziness, headache etc go away. Oh, the joy of living on the island with “the best clima in the world ” .

I highly recommend potato chips and dip , salty ham, cheese with flavour and in general SPANISH TAPAS . No wonder that is the national “dish”. It is perfect in this heat.


If you are in the south of the island tomorrow , SATURDAY 24th AUGUST  , there is a SPANISH BARBECUE up in the mountain of Cercados De Espino. From 18 -24 o´clock !!

For only 25 EURO you get as much food, sangeria and live music you can stand 😉  😉  😉

You want to join us ?  Call – 634095073 to book your ticket NOW !!!!

Midsummer Festival Up In The Mountains

Very often people come down to the south of Gran Canaria and they are so disappointed that it´s so dry and more like a desert. Once a year when it might rain, people are then disappointed that it´s actually raining. NEWSFLASH : Sometimes, not very often  yet sometimes it does actually rain in the south. It happens around november or/and january/february. In other words not very often, so no wonder it is dry in the south ey ? 😉 However if you drive up to the mountains (north where it is raining more ) it IS actually GREEN and beautiful !!!! True story !!!!

In just 1 week it is Midsummer and up in the mountains of Fataga in a place called

FINCO MOLINO DE AQUA there will be a Midsummer Music Festival !


49€ per person including welcome drink , Tapas Buffet ( cold & hot ) and Bus transfer from Arguineguin and Playa del Ingles
Arguineguin , Ancora Center at 13:00
Playa del Ingles , Kölsches Eck at 13:30
9 hours music with :
Tom Jones ( Tribute )
Triology ( Hippy Time )
Big Papa T ( Country )
Purple Haze ( Rock )
Bob Gorman Blues Band
Elvis ( Tribute )
Lady Gaga ( Tribute )
Eric ( a touch of dutch )

Advance Booking Strongly Advised Limited Tickets!!!!!!!!!!
Tel. : 696 59 44 82 Manu & Bob
Tel. : 626 802 705 Michaela Molina de Agua

So why not combine music and a beautiful view ?


No it´s not another dance DJ or a onehit dance act…

but ERIC BURDON !!!!! Yeas, the guy from The Animals !!!

18. July he is playing at AUDITORIO ALFREDO KRAUS in Las Palmas

I can not wait !! So exited !!! I didn´t even know he just released a new album this year…it is called ” Til Your River Runs Dry ” a proper blues-rocker with a classic Sixties feel !!!

A legend ! A true legend you shouldn´t miss out on !! I am definitely not 😉

Check out this song from his new album :

Cool Projects

Wherever you are, whoever you are , rich, poor, student, family…onANDonAndon….

Most of us anyways, like to have it nice in our home. Right ?

We were hired recently to do the coolest job ever.  Decorating a house on the Island for a family coming down to live. Might sound easy peasy, but hey this is an ISLAND !!! And yeas that can actually make the job and the budget a bit difficult !!

We have only done interior for bars and nightclubs before, so making this a calm family house was a fun challenge. Very minimalistic, but its all about the DETAILS ! And the best part is that it doesn´t have to cost so much either, DYI 😀

Her you can see some of the work that we did! TaTTaaaaaaaa !!!!!