Aye Aye Captain !!!

Mondays are usually the worst day of week, for me anyways. But if you are in the south on Gran Canaria it really doesn´t have to be.

EVERY MONDAY , there is now a music cruise. The Bob Gorman Music Cruise !!!

Live music! Real bands! Yeas, G.C have proper musicians, not only karaoke entertainers.

The boat, is the beautiful TIMANFAYA . A proper piratship!


Monday is finally a day you can start liking 😉 How about that !

There are a lot of different boat trips on the island, but this is one of a kind.


Live music with 3 bands, sometimes you might get a surprise aswell. A massive buffet, with all sorts of food and  there is a bar onboard. The stunning view is just amazing. And the lovely sunset changes every time.


  • The boat goes from Puerto Rico at 2.30, so be on time.
  • Cash is still king and therefore you can not use a card.
  • Untill the summer bring a sweater , the wind can be a bit cold of on the sea.
  • The boat does stop for 30 min and you are allowed to go for a swim.
  • There is a bar onboard , therefore it is not allowed to bring your own drinks
  • The most important thing : ENJOY  !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Soon To Be Christmas

My Oh My, only 4 MONTHS to Christmas !!!!

Every year Christmas comes like a big surprise and always end up  like a marathon the week before.

The WhatToGet and the HowToWrapIt. Same STRESS every year, where is the JOY?

But this year ( hopefully ) we are going to be clever about it.

When you live on an Island, you can’t always get what you want 😉 Gran Canaria definitely have a lot of shops, but you know, when your  head is set on something….you just have to get it !!!!

Thanks to THE WORLD WIDE WEB we are feeling a gadget year coming up!!!

This GADGET page has a lot of funny gifts but also the things you didn’t know you needed or you didn’t even knew existed !!

How about a Aquacase for Phone and iPad ?

Or a Hot Shot Sheriff BBQ Set ?

Or even a Star Wars Death Star Planetarium ?????

Whatever crazy stuff you choose to get and from whatever page you order from, just remember to do it in time 😉

Whats your Christmas Gift Tip for this year ?