Aye Aye Captain !!!

Mondays are usually the worst day of week, for me anyways. But if you are in the south on Gran Canaria it really doesn´t have to be.

EVERY MONDAY , there is now a music cruise. The Bob Gorman Music Cruise !!!

Live music! Real bands! Yeas, G.C have proper musicians, not only karaoke entertainers.

The boat, is the beautiful TIMANFAYA . A proper piratship!


Monday is finally a day you can start liking 😉 How about that !

There are a lot of different boat trips on the island, but this is one of a kind.


Live music with 3 bands, sometimes you might get a surprise aswell. A massive buffet, with all sorts of food and  there is a bar onboard. The stunning view is just amazing. And the lovely sunset changes every time.


  • The boat goes from Puerto Rico at 2.30, so be on time.
  • Cash is still king and therefore you can not use a card.
  • Untill the summer bring a sweater , the wind can be a bit cold of on the sea.
  • The boat does stop for 30 min and you are allowed to go for a swim.
  • There is a bar onboard , therefore it is not allowed to bring your own drinks
  • The most important thing : ENJOY  !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sail Away With Me

Another too HOT day down here on G.C…apparently it is going to get even hotter then yesterday,meaning the temperature’s probably will get around 50 DEGREES !!!!!


If it had not been for a little something called work, we would definitely go on a boat trip today. The joys of living on a Island 🙂

Reminds us of David Gray´s “Sail Away With Me” …anyways 😉

One of the boats  down in the South is called AfrikatcatamaranCruise.

The trip ink. food, drinks and water sports. What a great way to spend a relaxing day in the heat !!!

On most of the boat trips you will have to pre-book, so do check out the different websites or pop down to your nearest harbour to find the trip that suits your needs.

Ajaj captain and Skip O´HOY !!!!