Where Are Thee ?

Soooo…must say it has been awhile since the last blogg  !!!  Sort of an understatment really..but hey! WE ARE BACK!!! 🙂

The life on the Island goes on and so does the rest of the world by the look of it.

Is it all good around the world ? Far from really.

We have crisis all over the world and as usual it all comes down to politics. Seems like the main worrie for the common people  is work , or rather the lack of work.

Saw this serie from the british tv Channel 4 the other day called Skint .

Hoooooly **** !!!    Made us both sad, worried, mad and very upset.

This is a world-wide problem. Some of this people obviously doesn´t want to work. But some people really wants a better life for themself and their family’s.

So how can it be solved? So many company and businesses are having to cut down their costs and with that people end up without a job.  If people don’t have jobs, they don’t have money an if they don’t have money ….well then they can’t spend any money on new stuff or holidays or etc.  Makes sense really !

So what can we say to young people who are about to decide on what they want to be when they grow up? Wich jobs can guaranty them a job? Or should we just send them all of to the army?

Be Creative – Stay Strong and DO Belive in yourself !