Yeas, You Can Shop On Gran Canaria

I guess the summer holiday is over now as the schools are “back in business “. August is still the warmest month down here in Gran Canaria and soon the island will be filled with tourists trying to escape the harsh , brutal KING WINTER.

Thank god for a stable climate !!!

We don´t get snow down here..uh that´s not true…that has actually happened up in the mountains…ughh…NOT OFTEN TOUGH 😉

But if you live down here you do actually need a bit warmer clothes down here in the winter season.

The south of the island is the warmest all year around, but when it comes to shops in general it is definitely better to go up north.

in the south you dont get the selection , the fashion , the scoops! And even tough it is rather cheap, it is cheaper up north.

So many shops, not enough money 😉

ZARA , STRADIVARIUS , PRIMARK , just to mention some. And now with the fall arriving quicker than the summer usual do, we all need t renew our wardrobe. That goes for BOTH men and women 😉


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P.S : This is only a selection. There are in fact loads of shops up north 😉



Down in the south of Gran Canaria it is almost impossible to do any shopping, of any kind.

That I might add can be a good thing, as you wont end up going on a shopping spree 😉

Anyhow, a bit up north close to Las Palmas, there is so many shopping centers with really nice stuff , it sort of makes you go crazy and a bit confused actually.

Just a year ago we where lucky enough to get the big PRIMARK to the Island !!!

OMG and a big WOOP !!!!!

It is affordable, fashionable and the selection is amazing! They have everything there, so be prepared to spend both some time and money 😉

On G.C you will find it in the shopping centre Las Arenas, not far from Las Palmas.

Take the bus or rent a car. You most definitely just HAVE to go there.

Check them out on Facebook –> PRIMARK GRAN CANARIA

BTW: there is alot of bars /restaurants there as well to leave your husband/boyfriend 😉

On my current wishlist: